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but i hate when i haveto wake early the same morning. haha

self  abuse at its best. ;D

starting toget tired meh; guess i'll do my pilates and then clunk out... Maybe i'llstay up? Dammit wish i was motivated to do stuff soidont sleep...

Wish my laptop wasnt consistly overheating; imso afraid its just gonna get so hot it fries up its hardrive ;_;! I have to admit my computers on all day..... addictions can b hurtful, escapially to the most important things in the worldd.. Camilliaaa~!

maybe i'll just randomanimes & draw & watercolor um... Shows so easy but i kno sometimes gonna distract me.. Ihave the attention span of a fuckin 5 yr old... lame!

Hopefullly my sister will come ova later so i can get my roots bleached, but shes a mad flakey... Oh wells, thats y u neva put too much hope on 1 person. Always end up disappointed!

Its really f' n lame how my room always gets flooded.. super fckedup! thats wat i get for not working. ONcei get my car, i'llb more motivated. Iwish i was always motivated.. its so hard for me to b, wish i wasnt sonegativeand dark... haha Solitudewill do that to you;;

its so obvious that i neva proof read my lj entries XDDDD
i ove how in other countries, ppl have no choice but to kill other ppl. While Americans have the freedom to do anything, except smoke. Goodbye my Cloves, now i have to buy em illegally. I dont drugs and this is wat i get. Quite ridiculous;; i hate these Djarum ;_; i want my Shermans..  meh

muy sadCollapse )


F R I E N D S___O N L Y

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